There are countless ways to learn how to reduce electric bill. We shared a few on here already but for some of us, we get so excited about saving that we can’t stop with just a few suggestions.

So we’ve rounded up a few more tips to help you save on your electric bill. Before you know it, you’ll be making a huge dent in that monthly bill and you’ll start to see the savings really rack up. Check out these new tips on how to save on electric bills.

1. Go by Motion

We’ve mentioned turning off lights in rooms that are unoccupied before, but sometimes, you may have a roommate or family member, or even a tenant that may really struggle to remember to do this. Whether it’s forgetfulness or not, one great solution that can help lower your energy bill is to switch some of your lights to motion-sensing sockets or using motion detectors. Motion detectors lie the E-Age Adjustable Motion Sensing Socket or GE Indoor 120-degree Motion-sensing Light Control are both great solutions. They turn on when they sense a person in the room and turn off once they no longer detect any movement.

These nifty products simply get screwed into your empty light socket and then you screw your light bulb into the motion detector—remember to use energy-efficient bulbs! Motion sensors like these can cut wasted light electricity by 30 percent! That could turn into a good chunk of change on your energy bill.

2. Replace Showerheads

Of course, no list on how to save on electric bill would be complete with a “take shorter showers” suggestion, but we’ve already covered that! So what else can you do the bathroom to make a dent in that energy bill? Replace your showerheads! All of them, too. By replacing your showerheads, you can help save a little more energy, even on the days you really do just need a long hot shower to relax. Energy-efficient showerheads can help reduce your water use by 2,700 gallons per year.

Check for showerheads that have a WaterSense label. This label means the showerhead is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency and meets its efficiency criteria.

3. Ask About Discounts

It may not be common knowledge, but some utility providers offer cheaper rates during certain times of the day. These discounted rates can equal a 5 to 25 percent dip in your utility charges on your bill. Generally, these kinds of rates mean that you can and/or should do energy-intensive chores like laundry or washing dishes during set off-peak times.

This window of off-peak times will be set by your utility company and is generally a time of the day when most other households aren’t doing these kinds of chores. You may never know if your utility provider offers discounts like this unless you ask. There’s really nothing to lose, but lots to save!

4. Use Wool Dryer Balls

A recent trend with eco-conscious groups is using wool dryer balls rather than dryer sheets when doing laundry. A set of three wool dryer balls can cost a mere $10 but they can help decrease your drying time for your clothes. Additionally, they can help you by allowing you to skip fabric softener as well, a small saving on your household budget.

By replacing two products with one—dryer sheets and fabric softener—you can save a little bit while also better protecting your clothes. Fabric softeners leave a conditioner-like film on your clothing, which is what gives them this “soft” feel, but it can also deteriorate your clothing faster. Ditch the softener and grab some inexpensive wool balls today. If you are still dealing with static electricity with the wool balls, simply hook a large safety pin through one or two of the balls to prevent this. You can also toss a small scrunched-up ball of aluminum foil in with your dryer load.

5. Upgrade Your Appliances

We’re not suggesting you toss all of your appliances away today, but keep this in mind as your current appliances age and suffer normal wear and tear. Replacing appliances like refrigerators with better energy-saving options can help you save a fair amount on your energy bill. This is a great tip for learning how to lower electric bill. Not only can you shave off a little bit on your expenses, but you can sometimes receive tax exemptions for these types of purchases as well.

By following these simple changes, you can easily lower your utility costs each month. Sometimes all it takes to know how to save on electric bill is fixing a few small things around the home to make a larger change happen. Although some of these tips for how to lower electric bill may cost you a bit now, it will pay off in the long run.

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