Whether you are planning a vacation to another city or even out of the country, preparing your home before you leave is a way to ensure the protection of your property and belongings regardless of how long you intend to stay out of town. Preparing your home before you leave for your vacation can be done ahead of time to ensure you are ready to enjoy your vacation without the stress of security at your house at all times.

Notify Your Neighbors and Relatives of Your Departure

Before you leave on any vacation or getaway, be sure to inform of your departure as many neighbors and relatives that you can trust as possible. Informing those you know that you are leaving on vacation is a way to have them monitor your house while you are not available. You can also have a friend or a family member to visit your home periodically while you are on vacation to check up on in, turn on different lights and to ensure that everything is in its place at all times.

Installing a Home Security System

Home protection is essential any time you are thinking of leaving your house unattended while you are out and away on vacation. Installing a home security system is one option to keep your house from potential burglars and thieves. With a home security system, you have the option of installing cameras, motion detectors and protectors on all doors and windows throughout the home itself to set before leaving.

Consider Timed Lighting

Installing a timed lighting system is another way to ward burglars away from making your home a potential target while you are not vacating it. When burglars are casing a home to enter, they often check for lighting changes to determine whether or not the house is occupied. Installing a timed lighting system is a way to ensure you are not using too much electricity while out while still deterring potential criminals.

Notify Authorities of an Extended Absence From Your Home

Any time you are planning a vacation or getaway, be sure to notify the police if you intend to stay out of your home for a week or longer. Notifying authorities that you are not intending to occupy your home for a set number of days may prompt them to check up on your property for you while you are out of town.

Unplug Electronics

Unplug any and all electronics from your home before going on vacation. Unplugging electronics not only reduces the chance of having a fire in your home while you are unavailable, but it also helps to reduce the amount of energy you are using altogether.

Leave Your Home as Normal

Avoid making any changes to the exterior appearance of your home when leaving on vacation, including drawing your curtains. When you close all of the curtains throughout your home, you are more likely to attract a burglar who believes the property is completely vacant. Instead, leave your home as you normally do to avoid suspicious actions.

Avoid Updating Social Media Pages

Avoid updating any social media pages or online websites you have that are public and not for family members and close friends only. When you post that you are away on vacation, it is essentially tipping off potential criminals and burglars who may be in your area while you are out.

Taking the time to prepare your house before leaving on vacation is not only a way to find a relief from stress while you are away, but it also adds layers of protection and security to any home you own. The more people you inform and plans you have in place for your home prior to leaving, the less likely you are to personally become a target or a victim of a burglary while you are on vacation.