Pool toys are loads of fun when the family is out splashing around in the sun. But when swim time ends and the pool cover goes back on, what do you do with all the noodles, floaties, and inflatable rafts? Sure, as long as you’ve got a storage bin or a pool shed, you’ve got place to stash the toys, but unfortunately big bins get messy, goggles are lost constantly, and bottles of sunscreen upend getting white goo everywhere. And once summer rolls back around, you may find that the local bug population has turned your pool shed into an insect vacation resort.

Well, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up our top pool toy storage ideas, so you’ll always have the perfect place to store the fun when you’re missing the sun.

1. DIY rack for Floats

Did you know it’s not wise to leave your floats in the pool all day? Over time, the chemicals in your swimming pool can break down the vinyl or plastic, and too much exposure to heat and sunshine may only make it worse. Instead, try building a rack for your floats to rest in. Using PVC pipe, you can construct a simple rack to store and organize all of your floats and tubes to keep them in one spot, and not just lying in the pool all day.

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2. Hanging Net for Floats

Want something that’s more out of the way for all of your floaties and tubes? This pool equipment storage idea will keep things neat and out from underfoot. Try hanging a net along the back of the house, pool fence, or wall of your backyard. Using pegs, hang a large net folded in half to create a pocket. With this, you can slide all of your pool floats and tubes down to keep them out of the way where no one can trip over them.

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3. DIY Wooden Crate

If you’re handy with a hammer, run down to your local wood shop or home store like Home Depot and get some lumber, because you’re going to build a large wooden crate to hold all of your noodles, tubes, balls and more. You can make the crate however big or small you need it to be depending on the number of pool toys you have. This swimming pool storage idea can help keep everything all in one spot, so everyone in the family knows where things go when it comes time to clean up.

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4. Hooks or Coat Rack for Towels

Another great pool storage idea involves towels. If you have a pool fence, you’re probably used to hanging your swimming towels on your fence. However, if you don’t have a fence around your pool (or if the fence is too high), we’ve got some really great ideas to help you avoid soggy towels collecting dirt on the ground or dripping water down the backs of tour patio furniture. One idea you can try for hanging towels is to position a coat rack near the back door. This can be the designated spot for wet towels to be hung.

Another idea is to hang a rack with pegs or hooks on an outside wall to keep all your towels in one spot. If you can’t install something on your wall because it’s brick or cement, try leaning a wooden rack or pallet against the house with hooks attached for all your towels and even goggles.

5. Buckets for Sunscreen

Number one in protection against sun damage is sunscreen. And it’s so much easier to remember to put on when you have it close at hand, rather than tucked away in a bathroom cupboard. To keep your sunscreen, bug spray, and other necessities close by, try hanging cheap dollar-store buckets from your pool fence with command hooks as a simple organizer. Another solution to keeping this sun protection close at hand is to install a garden hook that stakes into the ground, and then hang a nice aluminum bucket from it. It’s a classier look and can be installed anywhere close by a porch, pool, or deck.

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6. Pallet for Noodles and More

Need a spot for all those noodles and water guns? What about your pool net? Lean a simple wooden pallet up against the back of your house or pool fence. You can use the space between the traditional top and bottom of the pallet to slide your noodles and pool cleaning items down into. Have a couple of kickboards? Hammer a couple of hooks to hang your kickboards onto the pallet near the bottom for easy storing, and drill or hammer a couple of hooks into the top to hang water guns from.

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7. Pole for Tubes and Noodles

Our last swimming pool storage idea is another great out-of-the-box (or bin) option. You can use a tall stake or pole and drive it at least a foot into the ground to keep it stable (make sure to call *811 to check the area first; you don’t want to clip any important pipes or utility wires). Then ring all of your tubes onto the pole just like you’re playing horseshoes! Once you’ve stacked everything up, you can add your noodles into the center right next to the pole to keep all your floats in one spot. Such a quick and easy swimming pool storage idea to keep things neat and clean.

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