Issues and Hazards Covered By Basic Homeowners Insurance Storms and Severe Atmospheric Weather

Severe weather and storms that produce high winds, large hail stones and lightning that can damage your home or property will typically be covered by most policies. The risks associated with storms and other severe weather are found in almost every region and location; as a result they are a principle concern for owners who are seeking to protect their investment. Fires that occur in the home are also covered by most policies, however: wildfires and large-scale fires that may have the potential to completely destroy your property may require additional insurance or a separate policy.

Home Invasion, Property Theft and Vandalism

Being the victim of a home intrusion can be a costly and stressful ordeal. A home invasion can happen to any property owner, regardless of his location or area. Property that has been stolen and damages that are the result of vandalism or intentional destruction may all entitle you to financial assistance provided you have selected the right homeowners policy. Taking steps to secure your property and protect your belongings may not always be sufficient. The financial protection made possible through the right insurance coverage can go a long way towards providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing your investments and assets are in good hands.

Issues and Hazards Not Covered By Basic Homeowners Insurance Damage Caused By Earthquakes, Floods and Hurricanes

Widespread and regional disasters typically fall outside the realm of many homeowners insurance policies and may require property owners to purchase additional coverage in order to protect themselves and their home. Homeowners insurance that is available to property owners in areas and locations that may be at greater risk of certain natural disasters may not be as comprehensive as you might expect. Investing in a policy that can provide protection from specific risks associated with your location can be of paramount concern for owners of properties in flood prone, coastal or seismically active regions.

Personal Injuries and Aggressive Pets

Should you, a family member or even guest suffer a personal injury through use of athletic equipment, playscapes, or even a backyard trampoline, a homeowners plan may not be able to provide sufficient insurance coverage. Bites, scratches and other injuries caused by pets are another concern that may fall outside the boundaries of your insurance plan or package, especially for larger animals and dog breeds that are considered dangerous. Having to pay out of pocket for injuries suffered on your property or in your home can be a very expensive proposition.

Investing in Superior Coverage

Protecting your home, its occupants and your personal property and belongings is never a concern that should be taken lightly. While a comprehensive homeowners insurance plan or home warranty is often sufficient for those seeking to protect themselves from the most common risks and hazards, additional coverage may be needed in order to enjoy the level of security you are seeking. Understanding the limitations of your homeowners policy and seeking out opportunities and arrangements that will afford you additional insurance coverage can make a world of difference in the event of an accident, injury or any circumstance that may pose a risk to your property.

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