Homeowners have a fair number of options when it comes to garage door replacement. Some of the questions that come to mind in the initial stages of pricing out the garage door replacement cost might be: How much does it cost to replace the average garage door? How much of your time will the installation demand? Would your best bet be hiring a professional?

Garage Door Installation Cost

On average, it should cost a homeowner a minimum of about $500 and a maximum of $2,500 for a single new garage door. The factors that go into the pricing of a new garage door include the cost of removing the old garage door and installing new parts, as well as the overall materials and the potential of paying a professional. A homeowner’s location will also need to be considered as the type of house and if it’s a single-car or two-car garage will impact the replacement cost.

Garage Door Prices and Installation

If a homeowner is looking to replace their garage entirely and build a new garage, then the costs are higher, moving towards the maximum cost ($2,500). This would especially be true if they are planning on hiring professionals or taking on some extra assistance from a friendly neighbor willing to help in the installation of the new garage.

DIY Method for Garage Door Replacement

Most likely, homeowners will need to find a second set of hands for this job, if not more. Not only will it save on time, especially if neither person has ever installed a new garage door, but it will make the process a bit more manageable and safer all around. Plenty of YouTube videos offer a guide through the steps of installing a new garage door, and some claim that the installation is easy. Homeowners should be aware, though, that it is a big time commitment.

It could take upwards of eight hours, and that’s without considering added time for hands-on learning and the possibility of minor mistakes. If a homeowner can find another set of hands to assist in handling the wood panels, aligning the tracks, and perhaps someone who knows their way around more advanced home improvement tasks, then a DIY method might work.

If minimal repairs are needed, and not an entirely new garage, then a homeowner is more likely to be able to handle the fix and repair job on their own.

Garage Door Replacement Professionals

If a homeowner is looking to hire a contractor to install their new garage, it’s a bit pricier. The most expensive option would be a solid wood model for a new garage that is upwards of $2,500. By hiring a contractor, a homeowner will have more options than they might were they to tackle the installation themselves. Though it is more expensive, there is the choice to use wood, or steel, and then have the option for a decorative door and added stability.

The Added Costs of a New Garage

Beyond the new garage door itself, a garage door opener is often needed. These range from $150 to $300. Homeowners might also consider the costs of adding interior or exterior lighting to the garage if needed, as well as an entry door so as to give the homeowner more than one exit option. The price range for lighting fixtures varies depending on the electrician. An added side-door would cost between $200 and $1000 each.

There are two routes here when deciding on how best to install a new garage. A homeowner can either hire a contractor and find a decent price working with them, or the DIY method could save on costs, though it is more time demanding. Garage door prices and installation vary depending on specific needs and repairs, so there is a lot to take into account when pricing out the new garage door installation cost.

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