With the holiday season upon us, decorating is number one on many people’s lists. There are so many different ways you can deck your halls and show off your festive spirit. To take your holiday cheer to the next level, put together your very own DIY wreath. Although it may sound easier to run to the store and pick up a premade wreath, a homemade one can be designed to match your existing decor. Plus many indoor and outdoor wreaths can be made with faux florals and greens that will last forever! Find out how to make a wreath with our tips below.

How to Make a Wire Wreath


  • Craft glue 
  • Floral wire 
  • Wire cutters 
  • Greenery 
  • Work gloves
  • Wire frame

Wire frames are one of the most versatile supports for any homemade wreath; they come in many shapes and sizes and their strength is sturdy enough for holding heavy materials, from citrus to evergreen boughs. If you want a thin, delicate wreath, pick out a single-wire frame. For a more luscious wreath, start with a double-wire frame.

Once you have your frame picked out, attach a bit of floral wire to the crossbar of the wire frame, then start by laying a small bundle of greenery along the frame. As you lay each bundle down, wrap the floral wire tightly around the greenery stems at least three times to keep it secure. Don’t trim the wire just yet. Add another greenery bundle—be sure to have it overlap the first greenery bundle—and wrap the leftover floral wire around the stems. Repeat this process all the way around the wire frame until it’s completely covered.

Once you’ve covered the full wire frame, tuck any leftover floral wire under the form, out of sight, secure with a knot and then trim any excess. If you want to create a hanger to attach the wreath to a nail or hook, take a bit of floral wire and attach it to the top of the wire frame, then form a loop, twisting the floral wire around itself.

You can extend the life of your wreath by spraying the boughs with an anti-transpirant or anti-desiccant spray. These kinds of sprays are especially helpful if you live in an exceptionally dry area.

How to Make a Straw Wreath


  • Straw form
  • Craft glue
  • Floral pins
  • Live greenery
  • Various decorations

You can also make a wreath using a straw form. This kind of form gives you a fuller, rounder base that will support a vast array of materials. You can easily glue and pin different items like leaves, flowers, pinecones or even small items like Christmas tree balls or ribbons.

If you choose to use live greenery to attach to your wreath base, mist them beforehand to freshen them up a bit. Using craft glue, attach each decor item to the straw frame. You can also use 1 1/4-inch floral pins to help keep flowers and greenery in place. As you attach leaves and small bundles of greenery, make sure you attach them near their stems and overlap each piece.

Once you’ve completely covered the wreath, spray the wreath again with a bit of water.

How to Hang a Wreath

You can hang your homemade wreath anywhere in your home, indoors or out. It doesn’t always have to be on your front door. Many wire frame wreaths can easily be hung onto a wreath hook, but if you have a straw wreath, you may need to create a hook with a bit of floral wiring.

To give your home a cohesive look, make similar wreaths to hang on each of the doors. A cool trick is to take a Command hook and stick it upside down on the inside of the door. Wrap a bit of ribbon around your wreath, throw the ribbon over the door until it reaches the Command hook. This is a great way to avoid any unsightly hooks from showing and to also add a decorative element with the ribbon.

Another cool idea is to make three holiday wreaths in different sizes, with a similar element across each. They don’t have to be identical, for instance, you could keep the base greenery the same and mix up the decorations. Then hang all three of these wreaths with ribbon over your mantlepiece.

Wreath making is such a great skill to learn as it can be used for any season or holiday. For instance, you could decorate a wreath with wooden pastel eggs for Easter, styrofoam pumpkins for Halloween, or American flag pinwheels for the 4th of July.

Your wreath making doesn’t always have to include greenery either. You can use a bare twig base, or make your own wreaths with thick ribbon. The possibilities are endless, so get started with your first wreath today.

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