Did you know that unclogging a drain can be as easy as throwing some salt or baking soda down it? If you have a sink draining slowly in a bathroom or kitchen, you can learn how to unclog it with our top clogged drain hacks below. Check them out for some cool and simple ways to clear a clog without having to hire a plumber — including how to unclog a drain with salt. These hacks are super easy to add to any cleaning routine.

Using Salt

For this top clogged drain hack, all you need is iodized salt and vinegar. In a small bowl combine 1 cup vinegar with 1 cup salt and stir together until it’s no longer grainy. For a little bit of extra cleaning power, add a half cup of lemon juice. If the clog is pretty bad or located far down in the pipes, you can add more vinegar to help the mixture travel more easily to hit the clog and bust it out.

Before pouring the mixture into the drain, remove the drain stopper. You can then pour everything directly down the drain. Try to coat the entire drain so every bit of the clog can absorb the salt and vinegar mixture.

Let everything sit for about 15 minutes. If it’s a really stubborn clog, let it sit for 30 minutes. Now, rinse the drain with boiling water by boiling about 2 cups of water in a pan on the stove. Remember to always rinse the clog after using vinegar as vinegar is a very corrosive material and can degrade your pipes over time. Don’t ever let the mixture sit for longer than 30 minutes.

Make sure to pour the boiling water slowing to avoid splash-back, and pour it directly down the drain instead of splashing it into the basin.

Going with Baking Soda

This hack is very similar to the tips for how to unclog a drain with salt. This time, you just switch the salt out for baking soda. Start by pouring a cup of baking soda directly into the clogged drain. Follow this up with a cup of white or apple cider vinegar. Again, pour directly down the drain. The solution will bubble up, but will then subside. As it subsides, put the stopper in and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

While the solution is sitting, boil some water on the stove. Once the 15 minutes is up, pour the boiling water directly down the drain. If the clog hasn’t completely cleared up, repeat this process.

Using a Plumber’s Snake

A plumber’s snake is a nifty little tool that can help clear a clogged drain from your plumbing, especially if clumps of hair are causing the clog. A snake is also super effective if the clog is located really far down the drain. You can pick up a plumber’s snake from any home store or online. You can use a plumber’s snake in two ways.

The first way is to remove the stopper from the sink and then slide the snake down the drain until you feel resistance, this is most likely the clog. Push gently into the clog and then carefully begin to pull the snake out. As you pull the snake up, you should have the clog attached to the little teeth on the end, especially if it’s a hairball. However, if nothing is attached, it may be a different kind of clog that you need to gently prod with the snake to break it up.

If the clog is in your kitchen sink, another way to clear it is to disassemble the drainpipe and P-trap that runs beneath the sink to expose the stub out or stub pipe. With these two pieces removed, you can insert the plumber’s snake in here until you feel resistance to break up the clog.

If you don’t have a plumber’s snake, you can grab a wire coat hanger, pull it apart and turn it into a long piece of wire, similar to a lumber’s snake and use that to break up the clog.

Or a Plunger

One easy tool that you most likely already have in your arsenal is your plunger! If you have a double sink in your kitchen, start by sealing off the side without the clog with a stopper then fill the side with the clog with enough water so that it covers the bell of the plunger. You can now place the plunger directly and firmly over the clogged drain and plunge it vigorously several times — just like you would a clogged toilet. Once you hear the suction clear the clog, you can remove the plunger. Remember to rinse the drain out with hot water.

Whether you are going to unclog a drain with salt, soda, or use a plunger, all of these awesome hacks can be done with items you already have in your home.

Happy unclogging!

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