Why should your car be the one to get a private room? If you’re looking for a space to call your own, a garage is just a man cave waiting to happen. Depending on how comfortable you want this room to be, transforming your garage into a man cave might not be easy or cheap, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Our man cave ideas will help you create the ultimate garage refuge. 

Before You Start

Chances are, your garage isn’t totally empty at the moment. Maybe you’re lucky and the only work you’ll need to do is to back your car out. But if you’re like most men, your garage is filled with anything from tools to camping gear to outdoor equipment. In order to make this space your own, you can’t be sidestepping a lawn mower every time you want to grab a drink. To make room, the first thing you’ll want to do is figure out what stays and what goes. A yard sale is a perfect way to help fund the creation of this man cave and clear space at the same time. Next, try to organize gear elsewhere. Basements, sheds, or even closets could provide great storage. Once you’ve cleared your garage, it’s time to get started!


If you’re planning on using this man cave year-round, insulation is a must. Seriously, if your room is freezing cold or scorching hot, you won’t want to spend time there, much less invite guests! To do this on the cheap, check online or in your area for people trying to dispose of drywall, offer to do the work and collect your insulation free of charge. Otherwise, foot the bill yourself. It might hurt now, but when you’re toasty warm in December, it’ll be worth it.


Speaking of weathering the elements, a concrete floor isn’t the most comfortable thing, especially in the dead of winter. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there to save your feet and fit your budget. For instance, you can make due with a few rugs or leftover carpet squares. There’s also the option of using grass rugs, which are cheaper and easier to clean. If you’re looking to cover the entire floor, however, one affordable solution is rubber flooring tiles, which are both cheap and easy to install. That said, if you want your man cave to retain the comforts of home, it’s worth considering springing for wood flooring or carpet.


Once your insulation is done, you’ll want to use this time to plan for any electrical outlets before setting up your drywall. Keep in mind everything you’ll want to add later: Will there be a fridge? A place to watch sports? An air hockey table? Whatever activities you plan on using your man cave for, now is the time to prepare for accommodations. Once you’ve set your electrical outlets and finished your drywall, you’ll want to tackle decor. Consider a fresh coat of paint — ideally a light color to avoid making the space feel dark and cramped — to spruce the place up. It might be work now, but a good coat of paint can go a long way.


Sure, you could get by with the sole garage light, but why would you want to? Lighting your man cave can be as easy as scouring yard sales and thrift stores for used lamps. On the other hand, if you want to be more elaborate, you can install your own lighting. This can be a tricky project, especially with a detached garage, so plan accordingly. Either way, unless you want to spend your time squinting at the new bestseller you’re trying to read, it’s worth getting a variety of artificial lights to ensure maximum brightness. 


Once all the structural changes are out of the way, you can really start making the place your own. Of course, you’ll have to pay attention to your space and budget, but it’s still possible to make your man cave fit your needs. Whether it’s a nice table for playing poker with your buddies or a couch for watching the game, there are plenty of ways to find decent furniture for cheap. There are even things you can build yourself, like shelves for storing your memorabilia. Shelves can also come in handy if you need storage space for stuff that was in the garage, like tools. Make sure you also leave space for a fridge and a television – if you’re trying to stick to a budget, you might be buying something bigger than a flat screen. Whatever it is you want, though, now is not the time for cutting corners. A table made of crates might have worked in college, but it’s about time you have something more stable. 


With your furniture in place, all that’s left is the final touches. Do you have collectibles collecting dust in a closet somewhere? Time to let them see the light of day again! Always wanted a dartboard? There’s no better place like your man cave to put that on display. Whatever your decorations, this is the best way to express yourself and personalize your space.

If you’re looking for a way to have a room to yourself, know that making a man cave in your garage is both possible and affordable, as long as you’re willing to put in the work. So stop letting your car get more privacy than you, and start on your man cave renovations today!

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