Getting your bathroom sparkling clean isn’t always the easiest task. It can sometimes take more than an hour to get it back to normal and even longer if it’s an especially well-used room. But there are a few handy bathroom cleaning tips that can help speed up your process. The following bathroom cleaning tips are cheap and easy and may even make you actually look forward to cleaning!

Tips for the Shower and Tub

Getting down on your knees and having to bend over to scrub a tub with an old sponge can be a tedious task. Instead of breaking your back, check out this tip for how to clean a bathtub: Grab a clean broom and do the scrubbing all while standing. All you need to do is cover your tub or shower floor with soap or Comet, then scrub away with a clean broom. Once done, you can rinse as usual. You’ve just saved your knees, back and a whole lot of time!

Showerheads are a big spot where rust, mold, and gunk can build up with time. If your shower head is dirty, give it its own little bath with a vinegar soak. Remove your showerhead and let it sit in a bowl or bucket full of vinegar for at least half an hour. This will help break down any grime. Give the showerhead a good rinse before reattaching it.

If you have a glass shower door, you can stop messes long before they start with a little Rain-X. On a clean, dry shower door, spray a coating of Rain-X to prevent water spots from building up.

Tips to Freshen Up Grout

Your knowledge of how to clean a bathtub wouldn’t be complete without a few tile and grout tips. Grout is an easy spot for grime and mold to build up and sometimes a daily shower spray won’t be enough to prevent it from getting dirty. If your grout is starting to look worse for wear, apply a paste of 3/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup bleach to the grout. Let it sit for 30 minutes and then remove it with a cloth or scrubbing brush.

Tips on Cleaning Mirrors

A hot shower or bath can lead to water stains on your mirrors. To prevent this, take a bar of soap and rub it all over your mirror, then use a cloth to gently rub it in. Next time you want a nice hot steaming shower, your mirror won’t fog up!

If your mirror has already hit a pretty bad spot with dust and water stains, you can quickly restore it to its original shine with black tea. Combine a cup of boiling water with a couple of bags of black tea, allow it to cool and then use the solution to clean your mirror. The tannic acid in the tea will dissolve any standing dirt on your mirror leaving it spotless. Make sure to use a microfiber cloth or newspaper to prevent streaks as you wipe it dry.

Tips on Cleaning the Toilet

Often, the toilet is best washed first before anything else in your bathroom. It’s easy to let water splash or drip out as you are cleaning your toilet, so don’t mop before you’ve given it a good scrub.

For another great tip, you don’t always have to use toilet bowl cleaner to get your toilet sparkling clean. In fact, you can use a few other things you already have on hand… such as mouthwash. Pour about a quarter cup of your usual breath freshener into the toilet bowl and allow it to sit for 30 to 45 minutes. Give a quick scrub and watch the mouthwash return your toilet to its original porcelain white color.

You can also take the same mold and mildew spray (like Tilex) you use on your shower tile and spray it in your toilet to help battle the orange mildew the can build up over time. Again, make sure to let the spray sit for at least 10 minutes before using the toilet again.

Tips for the Bathroom Sink

Over time, it can feel harder to get your sink clean, as water spots build up. If you’ve gotten to this point, don’t worry because it’s actually quite easy to get rid of them! Cut a lemon in half and then rub it over your stained chrome fixtures (you can also use this tip in the tub and shower). The lemon will instantly remove these hard water spots, and as a bonus, leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

Another great way to keep your faucet shining is with a little baby oil. Dab a small amount of baby oil only a clean cloth and use it to clean all the chrome fixtures in your bathroom.

Sometimes the best way to clean a bathroom is to know how to prevent dirt from building up. You can prevent drain clogs in your bathroom sink by pouring baking soda and white vinegar down the drain periodically. Be sure to flush it with hot water. This not only helps break down any build-up but can also disinfect.

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