You’ve tossed your clothes into the dryer, left or gone to bed, only to return to the dryer hours later and realize, your clothes are still very much sopping wet. Did you actually turn the dryer on? Maybe you didn’t, so you try again, and… nothing. It’s possible that your dryer isn’t plugged in. Nope, that’s not the problem. OK, check your circuit breaker to ensure that everything is turned on. They look fine, so you move on to the next possibility: the door switch.

There is a small plastic peg that clicks when you close the dryer door, if this peg doesn’t click, it won’t allow the switch to start your dryer. Checking to see that the peg isn’t broken or bent (which could mean that you need to straighten or replace the peg), you see that the peg seems OK. Maybe the switch itself needs to be replaced?

Look, there are a lot of things that could be preventing your dryer from spinning, and most of them are simple to fix. But if you’ve gone through the above scenario and you still can’t get the dryer to spin, it’s time to move onto some more complicated (but still fixable) problems.

5 Reasons Your Dryer Won’t Spin

If your dryer is starting, but isn’t spinning, there are a few reasons why it may not be working. The most common reasons fall down to normal wear and tear around the drum. Check out the top-five reasons why your dryer may have stopped spinning.

1. Worn Drum Bearing

The drum bearing sits in the back of the drum, supporting it. With time, it will wear out and put a strain on the motor, causing it to stop spinning. In order to determine if this is the problem, you will need to remove the dryer belt and turn the drum yourself. If you find it difficult to turn the drum by hand or it makes a grinding or squealing noise, it means the bearing is worn out and needs to be replaced.

2. Worn Drum Glides

In your dryer, there are small plastic pieces that support the drum. As it spins, the drum slides on these pieces known as glides. If the glides wear out, the drum may begin binding, which can cause the motor to shut down. Check these pieces for wear and replace them as necessary.

3. Broken Drive Belt

Among the reasons why your dryer won’t spin, the most common is a broken drive belt. To check, try to turn the drum by hand, if the belt is in working order, you will experience some resistance. However, if the drum moves easily, the belt is most likely broken. Before expecting further, unplug your dryer and remove the lid so you can better inspect the belt to confirm if it’s broken.

4. Worn Drum Rollers

Most dryers have support rollers in the rear of the drum. Some other models have rollers in the front too. If your dryer drum is not turning, it’s possible the rollers aren’t spinning freely and the motor has become overloaded. To check the drum rollers, remove the drive belt and try to turn the drum manually. If the drum doesn’t spin easily by hand, check the rollers. Even if only one roller isn’t turning freely, it’s wise to replace all of them at once.

5. Worn Roller Axles

Another important piece for a dryer to spin properly is the roller axle. If a roller axle is worn out, it won’t spin freely, which can mean your dryer won’t spin. If you’re already checking the drum rollers, keep an eye on the roller axles also. If they spin without wobbling, then the roller axles are fine. However, if it wobbles at all, the axles need to be replaced.

If you’re still not sure what is causing your dryer to not spin, you can look up your dryer model by number for some troubleshooting.
Thankfully, these common problems can be easily fixed by yourself at home. Before you begin any home repairs check if your model has a warranty or if your dryer is covered by a home warranty. If neither applies, you should be ok to start a home repair without worrying about losing anything.

But before you start any repairs for your dryer not spinning, take pictures of the inside so that when you have to put things back together you have the configuration laid out in front of you — especially if you end up taking the drum out. From here, you can find solutions for all of the above issues easily online, there are even some great how-to videos to really help you out.

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