Steps to saving money on your electric and gas bills have never been easier. Making simple adjustments in your daily routine and making minor repairs around the house could save you hundreds of dollars a year. It may take some time to remember to make these changes before they become a habit, however the outcome will be worth it.

Cooking Habits

Only heat as much water as you require. The more water you try to heat the longer it will take and the more electricity you will waste. If you do this several times a day, it adds up. Consider this practice when preparing tea and cooking pasta or vegetables. Only use the amount required and using an electric kettle to heat water to cook with often takes less time than the oven. Essentially, you should reduce the amount of water you use in everything and make changes to reduce cook times.

Fridge and Freezer

Keep your fridge and freezer as far away as possible from direct sunlight and heating devices. This will reduce the number of times the fridge or freezer must start to maintain the desired temperature. And, keep the temperatures of both at the recommended rates rather than too cold or too warm. Do not forget to defrost the appliance on a regular basis. And, know what you are going to retrieve before you open the doors and organize your items and have a storage plan to get in and out as quickly as possible.

Use Technology

Sometimes the easiest way to modify behavior is to be aware of your actions. Typically, you have to wait until the electric or gas bill arrives to determine your exact consumption charges at any given time. Today, technology takes the guess work out of the equation. Purchase an inexpensive device that measures your existing consumption rate. You should also use automatic thermostats to reduce the heat or air distributed during the times you are asleep or at work.

The Water Heater

Water heaters are one of the prime places energy is lost or wasted. An overused water heater might need to be replaced, and that is where a home warranty would come in. But if your water heater is still in good shape, your energy conservation efforts start by keeping your water heater at a lower temperature. This will reduce the number of times the water heater turns on. You should also have the water heater inspected annually by a professional. Spending a few dollars each year could save you thousands of dollars in the end. If you have a small electric one, turn it off and unplug it during the times it is not in use. Turn it on 20 minutes before you wish to shower or bathe and it will be ready.

Air Ducts

According to most professionals, the air ducts are where the greatest loss in energy efficiency takes place. During the construction of homes, this area is often one that is overlooked during quality control. Simple home repairs can easily rectify this problem. Turn on the air or heat and follow the ducts throughout your home. Wherever you feel a leak, duct tape it. Also, you should ensure that all vents are free from furniture, drapes and other objects that may prevent the proper heating and cooling of your home.

Window and Door Frames

Another place where energy is lost is at the frames of windows and doors. These are often installed poorly or the protection wears away after time. A simple home repair is to use weatherproof sealant on all frames. You should also check as to whether or not insulation was used during the installation process. If you have significant drafts, you should consider installing insulation.

If you make these quick changes, you will save money. Once you have extra money, you can spend it on something you can use such as an energy-saving water heater or something you do not need like a trip to some place new.

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