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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

What is a home warranty?

HSC's Home Warranty Plan is a service contract which helps protect homeowners against the costs of unexpected repairs or replacements the most frequently occurring breakdowns of their major home systems and appliances that break down from normal wear and tear.

What does my home warranty cover?

Which systems and appliances will be covered will depend on which plan and options you select. Detailed coverage of the selected options can be found on the terms and conditions of your HSC Home Warranty Plan or by calling our sales representatives at 800-601-1009.

What is not covered?

The contract covers parts, systems, and appliances that are specifically mentioned as covered on your plan and its terms of coverage and excludes all others. The contract does not cover non-warranty issues such as maintenance or physical damage, for example. Covered items must be located within the main foundation of your home with a few optional exceptions such as the well or septic pumps. Your homeowner’s insurance may cover some of the non-warranty items not covered under your home warranty such as the structural foundation of the home, water damage to your floor, or a fence that may blow over.

What optional coverage(s) are available and how do I know if I have them?

Additional Optional Coverage is available for the following items: Roof Coverage, Pool and/or Spa Equipment, Freestanding Ice Makers, Jetted Bathtubs, Spa and Spa Heater, Sewage Ejector Pump, Water Softener, Well pump, Free Standing Freezer as well as for any additional appliances you may have in your home. These are available for purchase for an additional fee during the first 30 days of the initial purchase of your service contract. Check your contract coverage summary page or log on to your account online to see which optional coverage, if any, were purchased.

I have homeowner's insurance. Why would I want a home warranty?

Your homeowner’s insurance is a hazard insurance and covers items damaged by fires, water, wind, or other hazardous events. A home warranty does not supplement homeowner’s insurance but rather adds to it by repairing or replacing functioning items that break down on their own through normal wear and tear.

I have an older home. Will I have to pay more for a service contract?

No. HSC’s Home Warranty Plan covers any home regardless of age as well as any brand or manufacturer of systems and appliances. However, all covered systems and appliances must be in good working order at the start of coverage.

Is the HSC plan renewable?

Yes. Warranty holders may renew their HSC Home Warranty Plan (pending eligibility/approval by HSC). A variety of payment plans as well as upgrade/downgrade options are available during renewal.

What is a trade service call fee?

A trade service call fee is your deductible. It is the amount due when a contractor visits your home. The amount due may be less than the contractual amount in the case the total repairs costs are less than the actual deductible.

I have a problem with a covered appliance or a mechanical system. How do I file a Service Request?

You can file a service request by calling our dedicated customer service team during business hours at 800-601-1009 or visit our website at www.hscwarranty.com and submit a request online anytime. Your online account is easy to manage and is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Upon receiving your request for service, HSC’s dedicated Service Response Team will contact qualified service contractors during working hours. The assigned service contractor will then call you to arrange a mutually convenient appointment. Special considerations and/or efforts will be made for emergency situations that render the home uninhabitable.

Will you reimburse me for the services that I had done outside the contract?

Unfortunately any repairs unauthorized by HSC in advance will not be reimbursed. As outlined in the terms of coverage, should the homeowner contract directly with others, or do the work themselves, HSC will not be responsible for reimbursement of that cost. HSC will assign the technician, determine coverage, and all covered repairs will be approved prior to the job. This takes the hassle of dealing with the service away from you and eliminates any possibility of a discrepancy.

If the service claim is denied, why should I have to pay the service fee?

The service fee is applied to the diagnostic service the technician performs to identify the problem occurring with the system or appliance at the home.

A technician was out and made repairs to a system in my home, and now it is not working. Will I have to pay another service fee when he returns?

Your HSC Home Warranty Plan offers a recall period outlined in your terms of coverage. Service work is guaranteed, without an additional service fee, for thirty days on labor and ninety days on parts. Sometimes longer terms may be offered by the actual service company depending on the work.

I thought the contract covered everything. Who should I call for items that are not covered?

The contract covers only those parts, systems, and appliances that are specifically mentioned as covered and excludes all others. It is possible that your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover certain items that are not covered under your home warranty, such as items outside the main foundation of your home or damaged by impact, for example. In the case you wish to have repairs done on your own, HSC can refer our highly rated technicians to you upon request.

Why do you verify my phone number and zip code when I call for service?

Information is verified for several reasons. Our customer service representatives are trained to verify the information for security reasons as well as to improve efficiency and make sure that the local technicians will have no problems in trying to contact you for scheduling service or getting to your location. Both security and efficiency are atop our priority list.

I'm in the market for a home, what is the benefit of buying a home covered by HSC's Home Warranty Plan?

HSC’s Home Warranty Plan helps provide protection after the purchase of your home. We understand that whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced one, it is always a big investment and one that can be very worrisome. HSC’s Home Warranty Plan is designed to make this process easier, both on your mind and on your wallet. When a covered system or appliance breaks down due to normal wear and tear, you are protected for its repair or replacement.

I am selling my home. Why would I want a home warranty?

HSC’s Home Warranty Plan gives buyers additional confidence in a real estate transaction. They know that HSC stands behind the covered systems or appliances in the house. Should they break down, buyers are covered for the repairs or replacements. An added benefit to the seller is that the buyers will be calling us with all their new problems – not you.

Does HSC need to inspect my home systems and appliances before I enroll?

No, HSC does not require home inspections in order to purchase home warranty service.

Is there a limit to the number of repairs HSC covers?

No, HSC’s Home Warranty Plan allows for an unlimited number of covered repairs subject to the terms of coverage.

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When our central air conditioning unit broke down a technician was at our house right away, the repair would have cost us $780 without HSC ! we are completely satisfied and our house is once again cool thanks to HSC!

Debbie S -NY

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Why Join The Home Service Club?

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Eliminate the hassle, frustration and expense of repairing or replacing covered home appliances and mechanical systems which breakdown due to normal wear and tear. Buy a home warranty from hsc, protect against unpredictable breakdowns!

What is a Home Warranty?

Home Service Club, Home Service Warranty

HSC's Home Warranty Plan is a one-year service contract which covers a multitude of systems and appliances essential to your daily living. We help protect you against the expense of repairing or replacing the systems you depend on.

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"The Home Service Club took the hassle and expense out of home repairs, I simply logged in to their web site, placed a service request and HSC sent a repairman right out to the house to make the repair. It definitely saved us money!"

-Edward, New Jersey

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