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Homeowner Benefits

As careful as we may be with them, the home system and appliances in our homes unexpectedly break down. With an HSC Home Protection Plan you no longer have to worry when something goes wrong. We will help you get it repaired by a qualified service contractor or simply get it replaced. Less worry, less hassle, less expenses.

Home Warranty vs. Homeowner Insurance?

Homeowner or hazard insurance covers private homes. Such policies combine various personal insurance protections, which can include losses occurring to one's home, its contents, and other personal belongings of the homeowner. It is there to cover you in case of theft or other unlikely disasters.

A home protection plan is very simple. It is a renewable, one year service contract that covers the repair or replacement of most of the home system components and major appliances that will normally break down over time. In other words, it covers your home's functioning components that you simply cannot live without and repairs or replaces them when they break down.

Unfortunately, most homes experience two mechanical failures each year. With HSC’s home warranty you can avoid unexpected appliance and home system repair or replacement expenses as well as the hassle that comes with them.

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Take the worry out of your home with HSC

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Home Service Club, Home Service Warranty


When our central air conditioning unit broke down a technician was at our house right away, the repair would have cost us $780 without HSC ! we are completely satisfied and our house is once again cool thanks to HSC!

Debbie S -NY

Learn more about the Benefits of Home Warranty

Learn more about HSC's home warranty coverage

Why Join The Home Service Club?

Home Service Club, Home Service Warranty

Eliminate the hassle, frustration and expense of repairing or replacing covered home appliances and mechanical systems which breakdown due to normal wear and tear. Buy a home warranty from hsc, protect against unpredictable breakdowns!

What is a Home Warranty?

Home Service Club, Home Service Warranty

HSC's Home Warranty Plan is a one-year service contract which covers a multitude of systems and appliances essential to your daily living. We help protect you against the expense of repairing or replacing the systems you depend on.

Is It Really That Easy?

Home Service Club, Home Service Warranty

"The Home Service Club took the hassle and expense out of home repairs, I simply logged in to their web site, placed a service request and HSC sent a repairman right out to the house to make the repair. It definitely saved us money!"

-Edward, New Jersey

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