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Telephone Wiring Warranty

Home Warranties 101: Telephone Wiring Warranty

Your Telephone Wiring transmits signals through a network of cables. You may have experienced that in a power outage a cell phone may not work, however, your landline often will. Your landline phone will not plague you with fuzzy receptions or dropped calls. You enjoy the reliability of a landline phone. Your landline phone is necessary in the event of an emergency. When your landline presents a problem you want a warranty contract that will respond right away.

Learn About Telephone Wiring Warranty Home Warranty Coverage

When you experience issues with your Telephone Wiring, the Home Service Club will send a license and experience Professional to your home to assess the problem and resolve the failure immediately.

Our Home Warranty Provides You with Coverage Options for Your Telephone Wiring Warranty Coverage

The Home Service club offers two main coverage plans. Our Comprehensive Coverage Plan includes many Home Systems. Included in the plan are Ceiling Fans, Air Conditioning, Heating Systems, Plumbing Systems (Faucets), Electrical Systems, Water Heater, Garage Door Opener, Garbage Disposals, Central Vacuums, Plumbing Systems (Toilet), Plumbing Systems, Plumbing Stoppage, Coverage, Ductwork, Doorbells, Whole House Exhaust & Attic Fans, Pest Control, Instant Hot and Cold Water Dispenser, Smoke Detectors, Recirculating Hot Water Pump, Gas Leaks, Water Leaks, Sump Pump, Whirlpool Motor & Pump Assemblies, Alarm Wiring and Telephone Wiring.

Standard coverage is included in all comprehensive coverage plans. Meaning, your Home Appliances and some more minor home systems are covered as well. The Home Service Club standard coverage includes refrigerators, clothes dryers, food centers built-in, ovens range cooktops, dishwashers, clothes washers, freestanding ice makers, microwave oven built-in, and trash compactors.

What is Covered in a Home Warranty with Model.Content.PageName Coverage?

The Home Service Club Home Warranty Plans with Telephone Wiring Warranty Coverage include repair or replacement of many Telephone Wiring Warranty components, although certain limitations and exclusions apply. Components of the following systems are covered:

  • Telephone wiring for residential telephone service located within the perimeter of the main foundation of the home

What does the Average Repair or Replacement of Telephone Wiring Warranty Cost Without a Home Warranty? $284 - $623 STOP PAYING FOR REPAIRS GET IT COVERED TODAY

Besides the specific terms listed here, coverage may be limited by exclusions and limitations in your home warranty contract. For more coverage information, please read the Sample Contract

Suggested Warranty Plan For You Check out These Home Warranty Plans For Telephone Wiring Warranty Coverage

Homeowner Benefits

As careful as we may be with them, the home system and appliances in our homes unexpectedly break down. With an HSC Home Protection Plan you no longer have to worry when something goes wrong. We will help you get it repaired by a qualified service contractor or simply get it replaced. Less worry, less hassle, less expenses.

Standard Coverage

Coverage includes 9 Core Systems and all 9 Major Appliances in your home. 

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Comprehensive Coverage

Coverage includes 24 Systems and all 9 Major Appliances in your home. 

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Buying or Selling a Home?

The Home Service Club has Designed Home Warrnaty Plans Specifically for home buyers and home-sellers

Are you a Real Estate Professional? Learn More about HSC’s Real Estate Home Warranty Plans