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Tired of not having a home warranty and paying for home repairs out-of-pocket? JOIN THE CLUB


Home Warranty Benefits with The Home Service Club

What is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty starts where your homeowners insurance stops. Whereas home insurance protects your stuff when disaster strikes, a home warranty will protect your stuff when life strikes. If your washing machine was destroyed in a flood your homeowners insurance should fix it but if it’s just old and it breaks down, your insurance will not help you out. A Home Service Club home warranty however, will help you when that old washing machine breaks down. After all, you still need it.

Look at our plans and pricing programs to make sure you’re properly protecting your possessions today, no initial home inspection required. Each plan lasts for a year and can be renewed annually if desired.

What are the Benefits of a Home Warranty?

Home is where the proverbial heart is and one of the benefits of a home warranty is that it will help keep that home intact by protecting your possessions from aging and other factors that result in their inevitable break down. As a homeowner, various home warranty benefits will help protect your home from costly repairs and if you're renting your home, a home warranty will both protect your renters from similar emergency repairs as well as help protect you from breaks your renters cause.

Home Service Club, Home Service Warranty

Do I need a home warranty if I already have homeowners insurance? The short answer? Most likely, yes.

A home warranty is important because it picks up where your insurance left off. If there is an accident that causes damage to one of your appliances, your homeowner’s insurance should cover it. But if an appliance breaks down on it’s own, that cost is yours to cover

Unless you have a home warranty.

Not only will home warranties help cover the cost of broken or damaged goods not covered by your homeowner’s insurance, but they will also help cover the cost of maintenance and service. We at the Home Service Club know that damage prevention is usually cheaper than replacing something entirely. That’s why we’ll help you maintain your stuff with regular maintenance. In the long run, it’s better for all involved. Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not offer such a service to help with the upkeep of your possessions.

Is a home warranty right for me?

Most likely you do not have an overly unique or customized home insurance plan. Look at your policy and ask yourself what’s missing. What types of repairs are covered by your policy? What repairs aren’t covered? Does your home insurance policy help you with maintenance and service? What will they do if something just breaks down?

You might have great insurance but all insurance plans have gaps in coverage. Home warranties exist for the express purpose of filling in those gaps.

Items We Cover

If you're on the fence about purchasing a home warranty, ask yourself if you think you could afford to fix a problem yourself? If a fix isn’t possible you need to ask yourself another question, “Can I afford to replace this myself?”

Below are just some of the things that will need to be repaired or replaced in a home some time.

All of these are covered by our home warranty plans.

  • Air Conditioning - $ 1,363 - $1,998
  • Heater - $1,175 - $1,986
  • Water Heater - $487 - $1,140
  • Refrigerator - $496 - $3,457
  • Oven - $1,142
  • Dishwasher - $400 9 $1,142
  • Washing Machine - $387 - $1,230
  • Water Leaks - $350 - $1,050
  • Roof Damage - $350 - $1,100

The point here is to explain that homeownership can get complicated and expensive really quickly. Our home warranty programs at the Home Service Club make ownership easier and less costly. A home warranty is the smart decision for anyone looking to reduce homeownership costs while increasing their home’s safety and protection.

If you can’t afford to buy something twice, a home warranty is for you. If the Home Service Club can’t fix it, we’ll replace it.

It’s as simple as that.

Save Your Hard Money

The Home Service Club is in the business of helping you save money on your home. We do this with our home warranty programs that will maintain, repair and replace the parts of your home that are not covered by your homeowner’s insurance plan.

You worked hard to save enough money to buy your home and although homeownership has costs associated with it, there’s no reason why repairs and replacements should leave you without the means to live your life.

That’s why the Home Service Club is here, to protect you and your home from the unexpected. With a home warranty from the Home Service Club you no longer have to worry about that next emergency repair.

To put it simply, a Home Service Club home warranty means, “No worries. Just service.”