Home-Buyer Home Warranty

Real Estate Home Warranty Plans for Home Buyers

Included In All Home Buyer Warranty Coverage Plans.

  • Undetectable Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Failure Due to Improper Installations
  • Lack of Routine Care & Maintenance
  • Refrigerant Reclaim, Recapture & Disposal
  • Rust and/or Corrosion
  • Permit Fees
  • Code Violation Fees
  • Misuse

Standard Coverage

Broad Coverage: covers 18 of your home’s systems and appliances including HVAC, refrigerator, plumbing, and more.

Comprehensive Coverage

Most popular: covers everything from both the Basic and Standard plans plus many more, for a total of 33 systems and appliances.


Ovens Ranges Cooktops
Clothes Washer
Clothes Dryer
Freestanding Icemakers
Microwave Oven Built-In
Trash Compactor
Food Centers (built in)


Air Conditioner
Heating Systems
Electrical Systems
Water Heater
Plumbing Systems
Garbage Disposal
Garage Door Opener
Ceiling Fans
Central Vacuum
Plumbing Storage Not Included
Ductwork Not Included
Gas Leaks Not Included
Pest Control Not Included
Whirpool Coverage Not Included
Alarm Warning Not Included
Telephone Wiring Not Included
Smoke Detectors Not Included
Exhaust / Attic Fans Not Included
Sump Pump Not Included
Doorbells Not Included
Hot Water Pump Not Included
Hot / Cold Water Dispenser Not Included

America’s home buyers’ most trusted real estate home warranty plans

There are many options for choosing a home warranty for your new home. Find out why home buyers and real estate agents favor The Home Service Club’s RE-Pro plans:

  • We have a devoted staff of local service providers ready to help
  • If your item can't be fixed, we'll replace it
  • We are always improving our processes to bring you the best service
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Looking to Sell Your Home? Get Our Free Listing Home Warranty Coverage

Home Sellers

Discover the benefits of a home seller home warranty from The Home Service Club:

  • Helps protect your home’s systems and appliances against breakdowns while the home is listed on the market
  • Enjoy Free Listing Coverage for a peace of mind and fewer expenses
  • Instill confidence in potential buyers with coverage for unknown pre-existing conditions
  • Help our listings stand out and possibly sell faster
  • Show your buyers that they will be protected with industry’s best
  • Adds value and improves marketability

Average repair costs

This isn't what you'll have to pay when something breaks and you have a HSC home protection plan. This is just a simple summary of the average replacement and repair costs for some of the most common items found in a home.)

$437 - $4,233
$482 - $3,029
$235 - $609
$235 - $987
$412 - $1,151
$195 - $779
$148 - $440
$194 - $519
$267 - $611
$377 - $843
$286 - $861
$75 - $182

We Have Earned National Recognition &
Multiple Awards for Home Warranty Service

The Home Service Club Reviews of Our Home Warranties

  • The customer care gentleman at the Home Service Club was excellent. He was professional and efficient. He helped me complete the claim. It took less than five minutes over the phone. The next day a plumber arrived in my house to repair the leak under my bathroom sink.

    March 1st, 2019

  • Our dryer went out just before President's day. My husband entered the claim online. Jonathan, the appliance repairman was polite and professional. Since the repair, Yesterday, I have dried three washes. The machine works fabulously.

    February 28th, 2019

  • We have had this warranty for three years. Anytime that I have trouble, I call in the claim. My experience is that the customer care is courteous and knowledgeable about everything in the home. I called two weeks ago about a dishwasher issue. The technician that arrived was professional and did it very clean job.

    March 2nd, 2019

home warranty, home insurance, home appliance,Free Listing Coverage,selling a home, buying a home,Standard Coverage,Real Estate Home Warranty Plans